5 Free YouTube SEO Tools – RSS, Playlist & Syndication SEO

Free Commando YouTube SEO Tools

Commando Tube Tools  is a Free YouTube SEO Tools project that i have set up to provide free SEO tools (web based & desktop software’s) and SEO training, that can be used for online video marketers and SEO guys to make your life simpler, and provide you with instant boost for your online video marketing, SEO and Conversions.

Why is it free?

I am passionate about creating new YouTube & SEO strategies and i give away a LOT. But it has its benefits too, i grow my audience, people get to learn things that the Gurus would charge a lot of money for if they had these strategies, which are all unique, and you get to access some very high quality YouTube SEO tools.

Lets take a look at the tools we have for you to use right now. Remember these are designed for video marketing but some of the tools will help others too as we add more.

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YouTube RSS Feed Tool

Create Custom RSS Feeds From Your YouTube Videos, Channels, Playlists & Favorites & Post To 27 RSS Feed Directories!

The YouTube RSS Feed tool will auto generate the 4 essential YouTuber RSS feeds. This is 4 YouTube SEO Tools in one application.

  • YouTube Playlist RSS Feeds: If you have playlists on your YouTube channels these also have their own RSS feeds.
  • YouTube Video RSS Feeds: Did you know that every video you upload to YouTube Has its own RSS Feed?
  • YouTube Favorites RSS Feeds
  • YouTube Channel RSS Feeds are available too!

What SEO strategies can we do with YouTube RSS feeds?

Update: I have added a YouTube Playlist With 4 SEO Strategies For YouTube RSS Feeds, Using The 4 Types of RSS Feeds That You Can Generate Here At Commando Tube Tools On The YouTube RSS Feed Tool Page.

Several things come to mind immediately, for example you can take each feed and add it to RSS directories for fast indexing from other search engines apart from Google, but the real power comes in when we do some ninja seo stuff which the Commando Tube Tools RSS application automates for you.

The YouTube RSS feed tool will mash up several feeds together which you can use to add to onlywire and get up to 50 social links, you can add it to IFTTT to create some instant syndication and distribution of your content to a bunch of web 2.0 sites.

You can also add feeds from Influencers in your niche to add authority and build relevancy to your own content. This is a simple but extremely powerful tool.

Quick Tip For The YouTube RSS Tool For Other RSS Feeds:

You can add the rss feeds from other sites into the notepad area where the tool adds the RSS feeds from step 1. From there you can mash up your rss feeds and post them to 27 RSS directories.

Commando hq video seo software suite for youtube online video marketing banner 2

Click On The Image To Check Out Commando HQ Version 2.0 Overview Video!

YouTube Social Video Embed Tool

Increase Social Shares & Conversions!…For Every YouTube Video You Embed On Your Website.

YouTube Social Embed Tool

This tool will help you improve marketing conversions and SEO through advanced embed tools and social shares.  It does have a little bit black hat ability to it, its not just what it appears to be, but you need to watch the training video on the page to find out what it does in detail.

You can also get some desktop software’s for free if you optin and stay on the subscriber list. I don’t spam and i only send out promotions that i feel are great value and would help your business and mine!

YouTube Social Media Poster (Tube Social Commando)

YouTube Social Media Poster Commando YouTube SEO Tools

YouTube Social Media Poster

Post Your Entire YouTube Channel Videos To Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Blogger & Reddit In ONE Click with scheduling.

You can also auto post to Google Plus and Blogger if you choose to do so in the settings of your Pinterst and Blogger Accounts.

This YouTube SEO Software tool needs to be updated periodically, if you find it has any bugs please connect with us at support (at)anthonyhhayes.me and we will get it updated as soon as we can. Download the YouTube Social media poster here where you can also see a video of the software in action…

Click on the blue link above, the software will start to download, When you fire up the software it will request you to double optin. The software cost over $1000 to make so you can use the software as long as you stay opted in, if you unsubscribe you will lose access automatically.

YouTube often changes things as do other sites, in order to get the latest updated version of this software you will need to stay opted in anyway.

YouTube SEO Playlist Commando

This YouTube SEO Software Is Not Currently Available Please Check Back On This Page Soon As We Will Update It In The Near Future

Create Optimized Playlists In Seconds Thank Often Rank On Page In Just Few Hours!

This is a great tool to build playlists with your video at the top and the top ranked YouTube videos for any keyword phrase of your choice under yours. This builds relevancy, its hijacking the authority of the top ranked videos and its curation which YouTube and Google Love!

Tube SEO Playlist Commando YouTube SEO Tools

Tube SEO Playlist Commando


Google Plus RSS Creator Tool

Create Google Plus Profile RSS Feeds & Watch My SEO Strategy Videos To Learn How To Linkwheel Any Webpage From Google Plus in Under 30 Seconds!

Google plus doesn’t provide an RSS feed for your profile activity, the Google plus RSS feed generator tool will give you a simple way to create your own Google plus rss feed and post it with one click to 27 RSS directories.

Simply fill in the Title, description and any url you would like to associate your rss feed with (your website or YouTube channel url for example) and it will provide the RSS url you can use in step 1, and in step 2 you can choose to post to the RSS directories.

Google Plus RSS Creator Tool…. QUICK TIPS:

You can add multiple Google plus profile IDS here and they will be automatically lashed into one feed url.

Why would you want to do that?

1. You can add the rss feed of an influencer or a profile with relevant or similar content to yours in your niche, this hijacks the authority of others by building your own content into the feed which creates relevancy. 2. You may have more than one Google plus profile and want to add them to make one mashed feed url.

What else can you do with the Google Plus RSS feed url?

  1.  Take the feed url and use it on ifttt.com to automatically post to web 2.0 sites like blogger, wordpress, tumblr, twitter, facebook, fanpages,  etc. IF you choose to do this then i suggest you use only Google Plus profiles that you make link posts with. Otherwise your complete Google plus profile activity will be posted. Personally i have 3 Google plus profiles that i use that are ONLY for making link posts and these are used with my IFTTT linkwheel or web 2.0 blog network strategies. This means i can linkwheel or build up a web 2.0 blog network in under 30 seconds for any url on the web by simply making a google plus link post.
  2.  If you add the Google Plus RSS feed to onlywire.com under the feed tab then these link posts you make will also get up to 50 automated social links from onlywire.
  3. This is a great way to get linkwheels and web 2.0 syndication started from Google Plus no less. Google Plus is well known to have significant SEO advantages.
  4. If you use hangouts with the Google Plus RSS feed syndication strategies i have outlined above you will rank really well. Hangouts are automatically converted into YouTube videos and rank highly naturally but with the two strategies mentioned using IFTTT linkwheels or web 2.0 blog networks from Google Plus than this will give you instant and additional social links to help your content rank higher and stay there as well as encourage social sharing and additional bookmarking from the sites you get automated social links on.
  5. You Can Add the rss feeds to your website to automate posting of content. If you are using WordPress or Joomla you can add additional functionality to your websites by adding plugins that will auto post your content to social networks like twitter, facebook etc and there are various premium plugins to automate more social links.

To learn more about my IFTTT linkwheel and web 2.0 blog network strategy you can look at my Commando HQ suite which automated the process by creating the ifttt syndication recipes needed.

You can get the Commando HQ suite here http://seocommandohq.com/trl and take it for a 5 day trial for one dollar!

Step By Step Guide…To Using YouTube Rss Feeds & Google Plus RSS Feeds

Follow this simple step by step guide to automate web 2.0 linkwheels and build up web 2.0 blog networks for every video you ever upload or favorite from your YouTube channel or add as a link post from Google Plus!

All you have to do is:

  1. Get an IFTTT account created on fiverr.com
  2. Login to the IFTTT account you got created and activate YouTube channel of your choice
  3. Add a recipe by clicking on create recipes and choose the orange FEED tab and adding your Google Plus RSS feed and select the next action to post to WordPress and saving the recipe as you complete the set up wizard in ifttt.
  4. Fire up commando HQ software suite and choose either the Youtube Linkwheel tab or web 2 blog network tab (use one ifttt account for each strategy…i have 2 ifttt accounts for every youtube channel for example and use both the linkwheel and blog network strategy for more automated social links)
  5. Add your IFTTT login user name and password and click on create recipes. Once this is done then every video you EVER upload  to youtube (OR Favorite) will be linkwheeled or added to your very own web 2.0 blog network. Every Gogle plus link post you make will also be linkwheeled or added to your very own web 2.0 blog network.
  6. Create an onlywire account (i get this done on fiverr.com for 5 bucks), login and go to the Feeds tab, add your google plus RSS feed and every Google plus link post you make will get up to 50 automated social shares.

Very cool stuff, don’t you agree?

Enjoy Commando Tube tools and use it as a regular part of your video marketing and SEO strategies. Remember its free and you have unlimited access as long as you stay subscribed.

Watch out for more YouTube SEO software tools being added soon, and if you have suggestions of other new free tools we can add then please let me know.


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Get The YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet 2016 Version!
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